my wish to you

As this Dec 25th, 2011 winds down, I sit here in Tucker's room, giving him a respiratory treatment (he's not feeling well). A marathon of "A Christmas Story" is playing on tv. Dillon is playing a new video game and Jeff is on the computer.

As I sit here, I feel myself thinking of the approaching New Year. I'm thinking of all the changes I want to make in the coming year. Personal resolutions that equals personal growth. my new years mantra to be, "I can do this"

I have a big and exciting journey approaching in mid April. An art odyssey, so to speak. I have much to do in preparation, so I have a lot on my plate. Many things to get done in a short amount of time. I can do this.

I have committed myself to teaching an online class this summer for Artful Gathering. im nervous about the techie stuff as i have no one to help me with things i dont understand. it entails alot of work. i have to have this done before i leave. I can do this.

I can do all this because this trip is something I have dreamed about for awhile. My trip will take me across the United States, East to West. I'll be on my home turf again and there is much I want to do. I'll be driving out west to teach at Artistic Affaire and then when I am done, I will set about fulfilling things on list. I look forward to my adventure. I can do this.

I'll blog more about this later as there will be much to share and I am planning on doing a fundraiser in feb to generate some road money. (i'll be making a limited amount of magic heart pendants.)

So I sign off with hope in my heart, dreams to be fulfilled and alot of hard work in between. My wish to you is to grab your dreams and make them come true in the best way that you can.