Reflections from Puerto Vallarta

(painting by Jesse Reno)

Our 5 days of painting with Jesse have come to an end. Spontaneously, I have decided to stay 2 more days to paint. My bff, Pam, has gone and I am missing her terribly. I am surprised to find myself feeling lonely; an emotion I rarely feel.

Often after a retreat, I suffer post "art workshop" let down. I am aware of it and realize that it is all part of the process. the journey of growth and learning continue as i recognize this.

we learned so much in 5 days and i will tell you that 5 days are not enough. his style involves thinking on a deeper level and engaging more in the process, which eventually leads you on a journey. i am already thinking of the next time i can take a class with him- as there is so much to absorb.

tomorrow morning, i will embark with new tribe member, suzanne, to the cemetary to take photos.

i leave you to pick up a paint brush and get lost in my painting.