Sometimes as you live your life and do what you have to do, you tend to think of yourself as alone in your hardships. Today on facebook i posted a link about Catherine Graves who wrote a book about being a caregiver for her husband. the title of the article was "Wife slips into madness as husband dies of brain tumor". after posting the link, I added the comment, "i can so relate to this story".

a very sweet facebook friend commented back to me with this:

"Every day when I read your posts and see your photos I have the utmost admiration for you. Your creativity and talent are even more inspiring considering your role as a caregiver and mother. The fact you have any energy to do anything other than that is astounding. My background is in Community Service caring for people who are aged or disabled. Unlike you, at the end of my shift I could sign off and go home so I acknowledge that you, being a mother and carer of a young man with high needs, are doing an incredible job. I know it's not the same as having practical support but you have many friends on Facebook who are cheering you on. I hope our collective energy helps in some way. Your love and dedication to your family does not go unnoticed and whilst we are all amazed by your art we are blown away by your strength and fortitude, your caring and selflessness. You're never alone xxx"


I have to tell you, I was quite surprised to read something so incredibly sensitive and understanding to the day to day of my life. It was if she glimpsed inside my soul and saw what lays hidden there (the pain, the grief, the fear, the uncertainty, the stress, the sorrow- all of it).

I truly am grateful that she took the time to tell me that. It meant the world to me.