growing up

(image courtesy of redcipolla)

I was talking to a friend recently, catching up and discussing a mutual thing we use to be involved with together and she shared with me that, "yeah, "So And So" doesn't like you because you are friends with "So And So". Yes, apparently there's been much gossiping between all of them and word has gotten back to them that I'm friends with someone that they chose not to be involved with. How high school is this? We are all in our late 40's and this kind of crap is still going on? When we will grow up? I don't like this kind of stuff, I don't do drama and it sickens me to think that these are professional women. Art and drama; seems a bit of a contradiction and takes the real meaning away from creativity.

Now normally, I would find this all very upsetting. I am a sensitive person and do not like to be misunderstood. But after she told me that, I realized, I just don't care. And to not care anymore was a really great feeling (you should try it sometime). I know the true reason she "doesn't like me" and it has nothing to do with me. She's just angry that I didn't choose sides. It also explains why I no longer hear from a few of the others as well. Got news for you, I don't choose sides. I am my own person and I don't follow the leader. I do what I think is right and what I feel comfortable with . I don't kiss ass and I follow my own path. And I especially don't like having to explain myself to anyone. For those who don't like, too bad.

Slowly that deck of cards will fall, I've seen it before. The rest of them will have the same thing happen to them. When you behave a certain way, karma tends to catch up with you. So I think I shall continue on my merry way, making good choices and being happy with who I am.