Day two

This morning I left good friends, Tom and Lesley (my first stop in Roanoke, Virginia). Last night we had a nice pizza dinner with their friends, Charlie and Sherry, whom I had met when we all stayed in a lovely rental house in Nags Head last May.

They sent me off with a bag lunch, a bag of Tom's delicious toffee and 2 things of Tom's super yummy ice tea. It was a quick hit, but fun to chat with everyone and visit with their fur-babies; Clancy, Lucy and Bennie.


8 hours later I am now in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, with yet another art friend, Brenda. It was dark and drizzly when I got in, so we decided to have a nice dinner and call it an evening. We went to downtown Franklin and had a true southern dinner at a wonderful place called, Puckett's. We got to enjoy live music and we ate BBQ pulled pork, fried green tomatoes, coleslaw, corn cakes and delicious baked beans! I have one more day here, so we will do some exploring tomorrow. Brenda has a cool cemetery (dated 1855) to take me too where we will shoot some photos.


until tomorrow,


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