Greetings from Tennessee!

had a beautiful day in Tennessee today. Brenda and I started the day off by going to breakfast in a nearby town, Franklin; where i had the most delicious biscuits and gravy ever! Then we did a little walk about the town and check out a few stores. She took me to a great store called Philanthropy, which I just loved. It was such a beautiful day for walking around.


then we met up with another art friend, Bernie Berlin at the American Pickers store. (it has it's own name, but can't think of it right now). my husband LOVES that show, so it was fun to go there and see all their cool pickings............


Next we headed to a really fun store called, Two Old Hippies. They had some really cool and unusual things. it was hard to be so restrained in there. I did leave with a great pair of earrings though. Love the vintage VW van parked inside the store.


After saying goodbye to Bernie, Brenda and I went to lunch where we decided to order a lobster pizza. I know it sounds gross, but it actually was quite tasty!

finally, we headed back towards her area and stopped by a really old, historical cemetery. There are 4 soldiers of the Revolutionary war buried there. I love to visit old cemeteries. so much history there. the earliest age of someone born, that is buried in that cemetery, was 1776!


After getting back to Brenda's, I decided to change into my jammies and then Brenda treated me to a glass of moonshine. what a way to end a great day!


tomorrow i hit the road again and will probably spend the night in Little Rock, Arkansas. I don't know anyone there, so I'll be in a hotel tomorrow night. From there, I make my way over to Dallas, Texas to visit with Pam Carriker.