my journey begins

come 6:00am tomorrow morning, I will begin my adventure driving across the US from New Jersey to California. I am teaching at Kim Allistair's event, "Affaire at Tiffany's", themed around the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's. So I've donned my finest vintage clothing, from my beautiful old black evening gown, to my very fun black hat and gloves and of course, we cannot forget the classic Audrey style sunglasses (the only thing missing is my cigarette case and perhaps, Cat)

my car is packed and I am ready to go. I said goodbye to Dillon today as he returned back to school following is very short week at home. (i feel like I hardly saw him!) I am grateful for the few hours we stole away and went to get adjusted by my chiropractor friend, Brendan, and then we went to the mall and had the most amazing deep tissue chair massages (i'm hooked on those now!)

This will be a really interesting trip. Alone with all my thoughts. What will i think about? i wonder how quickly it is before I pose the question to myself of "What the hell are you doing"? or I wonder how long it is before I am feeling quilty for doing such a selfish thing for myself (you know that negative nellie, "guilt"), always sticking it to ya at the worst possible times.

I spent so much time preparing for the trip and I am pleased that my organizational skills paid off. I only had one stressful moment and that's only because it had gotten hot and I was getting tired. But obviously I survived and the crisis was nothing more than who-ha (not important enough to dwell on)

i honestly can not think of one more thing that i need to do because go to sleep. So on that note, I will say goodnight.

i look forward to sharing my adventure with you. It can't be a coincidence that many of my friends and even strangers and told me the same thing, "I have always wanted to make a trip like that". So I am you and you are me. Come along for the ride and see what sort of fun we can have.

First stop for the evening is with friends, Lesley and Tom Venable. They are hosting a nice dinner for me and their guests will include the adorable couple of Charlie and Sherry. Looking forward to seeing them all. Tom even confided in me that he made me some of his world famous toffee for the road. I am definitely very lucky!

until we meet again,


kecia aka Mis-adventure

I do want to thank everyone for all their well wishes, gifts , support and more. My family has been very supportive; especially my husband, how will be in charge of Tucker, 3 dogs, 2 cats and one birdie. My husband has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and often doesn't get enough credit where it is due. love you sweetie.