Taos to Flagstaff

This morning I said goodbye to Tom and Leighanna (and my new best fur baby friend, Rocky) and hit the road for Flagstaff. I piddled around Albuquerque for a little bit and went to a couple of Leighanna's favorite haunts from when she use to live there. .

I have to confess that today wasn't a favorite day of mine for driving. It was almost immediate from leaving Albuquerque when the wind hit. It was a forceful wind and I spent most of the day with a death grip on my steering wheel. The roads were under construction  and often there was only one lane with those horrible cement dividers on one side and no shoulder on the other. I didn't stop and take any photos as the wind was just too fierce. At one time it started to rain as well and it was quite difficult to see; especially with the big trucks spraying their run off onto my car.

Finally after crossing into Arizona, the weather started to clear up and the wind began to die down. the skies were full of fluffy clouds and the sun began to shine. It was interesting to find out that there were terrible storms across the country today. 

I am here in Flagstaff all tucked in my hotel. Had a nice dinner and took a warm shower. Will hit the hay soon. Tomorrow I head into LA (coast to coast!) where I will stay with Lisa Loria.