Artistic Affaire, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Artistic Affaire is in full swing! We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I taught my class this morning, "A Social-lite" and it went very well. The girls were excited and worked hard on finishing their projects. Each chandelier was uniquely different and it was fun to see the magic come alive. Alot of the girls have been following my trip, so it's been fun to have them inquire about it.

Kim's decor is to die for. Everything is elaborate and amazingly well planned out. She is an amazing hostess and the all the girls just adore her.  The hotel is fabulous and the food in the restaurant is yummy. 

Vendor night was very successful and I am so grateful at how well received my art and jewelry was. Girls were so cute, saying they were supporting my gas  fund to get home!

 Tomorrow my niece is getting dropped off for a few days of alone time with her auntie. we are going to chill by the pool, attend a pj party and then take the antiquing bus tour on Sunday with the group. Monday we will have to repack the car (yuck).



Molly was the lucky winner of my class giveaway