Bass Lake, CA

I've spent the last few days at my mom's house in Bass Lake, Ca. It's so beautiful here. I use to come here often when Dillon was little (and when I was a little girl as well). My mom and I like to do photography, so we've spent the majority of our time riding around the area and taking pictures.

I bought this huge vintage doll at a flea market while in California and she kind of became a mascot. She was nicknamed Big Ass Baby Doll or BABD. (Mom would prefer to call her dollie). Anyway, dollie was taking along for some photos as friends wanted to see what dollie's been up to.

my welcoming committee, Paddington

Mom set me up in her bedroom, which looks out at the most amazing back porch. you can lay in bed and smell the blooming wisteria or see hummingbirds zip by as they swoop in for a drink of nectar.

furbaby, Blossom

Furbaby, Sugar Plum

furbaby, Edith Ann

dollie at the lake

Mom in front of her photo cards that she sells in the Pines Market

dollie in the Lupine (smells heavenly, like honeysuckle)

we went on a hunt for some downed Manzanita so that I could take a branch back home (i'll put it on my back deck and string lights around it). It is now bungee'd to the top of the Durango. (i know my dad is going roll his eyes when I arrive at his house on Sunday)

furbaby, Paddington at the Upper Falls, Bass Lake - love this place!

Mom had asked me to collage an old card table (use to belong to my grandparents and she remembers sitting at it as a little girl) in my funky style that i do (i did my stairs and other furniture at home this way)- so i worked on this yesterday.

Tonight we are celebrating Mother's Day by having dinner at Ducey's by the water. I leave tomorrow, but first we will play for a bit in Yosemite Park (as I am cutting through the park to get to my dad's house in Fallon, Nevada) 

Since I will be on the road tomorrow, I bid you Happy Mother's Day tonight. I made this digital card using images taken here during my time at Bass Lake.