Caine's Arcade

I'm here at Lisa Loria's in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Lisa and I met on facebook and then i invited her to come to New Jersey to teach a class.Then when she heard i was heading west this spring, she kindly invited me to stay with her.

Our first venture out was to go to Caine's arcade in East LA. We both felt inspired by his story and it was on top of the list to go see and show our support. Excitedly along for the ride, was Emily, Lisa's daughter. 

 If you don't know Caine already, he is the 9 year old who created a cardboard arcade at his father's auto parts shop. A young man, a film maker, stopped by the shoppe for car part and discovered the arcade. He was so intrigued that he did a short film on Caine and his arcade, which has gone viral. A fund was created for Caine  and so far has earned $192k!

Caine and his family just returned from San Francisco, where he was invited to the Exploratorium to run his arcade for "Make it: trash". 





here's the video that started it all (feel free to be inspired or shed a tear):