Littleton, Colorado

even though i am home, i have a few visits to blog about- so just playing catch up!

After Boulder, I started making my way to Littleton, Colorado, to visit with friend, Maija Lepore. Such a beautiful drive (although admittedly, I was tiring of mountain driving!)

We had a great time. We walked the darling downtown of Littleton, perusing antique shops, gift shops and more. We stopped for a jalapeno martini (not bad!). We also hit a flea market while I was there and found some really cool things. We got to run into pal, Jeanne Oliver, and her kids, so that was fun as well. Al and Maija took me out for a lovely dinner at The Melting Pot before I had to leave in the morning.


After saying goodbye to Maija, I did a quick drive (about 45 minutes) to Boulder where I was staying the night with art friend, Jill Berry. It was a quick hit, so not many pictures, but Jill took me on a little tour of the area (beautiful) and then we walk around the little downtown area (also very fun!), wish I had planned better to see that area a little more extensively.
(guess i have to go back!) We had a lovely dinner and sat outside enjoying the sunset. Jill's dog, Teebo, a standard poodle, was so cute. so gentle and kind. would make a wonderful therapy dog. I got to snuggle with him for a little bit at bed time. I left early in the morning, so there wasn't time to ask Jill to pose with my heart