Red Door Studio with Tracie Huskamp

When I left Colorado, amazingly the mountainous driving turned to flat plains. It was a nice break from curvy, winding road! My next stop was in Wichita, Kansas to visit with friend, Tracie Huskamp. What a long day that drive was. I got lost as I came into the area as my gps just couldn't locate her neighborhood. I arrived exhausted and road weary.

Tracie's house is just lovely. I enjoyed every second of it. Nests everywhere along with her art and illustrations of birds. Very natural museum history-ish, which is what I love. Tracie's studio is just beautiful, would have loved to have played down there! We had a nice dinner and I got to meet her husband, Earl and their furbabies. It wasn't long before it was time to turn in though. We had some playtime in the morning to hit a couple of her favorite antique stores and had a delicious lunch before I was on the road again.

Tracie and I will meet up again late January when we attend the NYC gift show together.