Where bloggers create, 2012

Who am I?
I am an artist. I am an instructor. I am a photographer. I am a traveler. I am a brave girl. I am a friend. I am a bird nerd. I like to paint. I like to sew. I like to make jewelry. I like to do art. But most of all, I like to be me.

Welcome to Lemoncholy's Studio! I have been making art in some form or another for a long time. I got into the mixed media field about 8 years ago and then began teaching about 5 years ago. I am mostly known for my jewelry, but I also do a lot of sewing and painting. When I tire of doing one thing, I simply begin projects in another area to keep me fresh and motivated.
 Last year I moved my studio from my bedroom, where I use to make jewelry in this tiny little alcove, into a room downstairs. It was a beautiful, yet barely used room, so I made it my own. Now I have plenty of space to work, can find (almost) everything, hosts workshops and I even have a fireplace! Life is good. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my studio and my home, which is just an extension of my studio and creative life. 

 and lastly, I like to introduce you to my studio mascot (everybody needs one!). This is kashie. He's a little bit country and a little bit rocknroll (okay, maybe a mix of naughty and nice!) in a few weeks, he gets his first big boy haircut. check back to see how it turns out!

I want to thank you for stopping by. You can also see my studio tour on Pinterest (where you can read lots of descriptions about the vignettes and so forth) Enjoy the rest of the hop!



and last but not least! I've decided to giveaway one of my "flower girl" pendants. Just leave me a comment related to my studio and you will be entered!