In February, 13 years ago, I went shopping at the mall. I was very sad because in December, my very first pet, my kitty, Pebbles, had died at the age of 18. I didn't even get to say goodbye to him. He had been with me through thick and thin, moved with many times. As I walked around the mall, I went by one of those pet stores. I hate those stores as they make me feel so horrible for the puppies  and because of where they most likely came from. But one little puppy caught my eye. Being very sad, I decided to go in and say hello to her. The next thing I know, I was leaving with Pepper.

(Pepper a few days after I brought her home)

Yesterday we had to make the difficult decision to put her down. Just a little more than a week ago, she was fine and dandy. I have video of her running around in the snowstorm on Saturday. By Sunday, she was breathing hard. Monday an Xray should an enlaraged heart. Diagnosis, Congestive heart failure. She was put on medicine to see if it could be controlled. But by yesterday, it was clear that it was time for her leave us. Such a sad and diffcult thing to do. She was the momma bear to our 2 others, Gracie and Kashie. Now it seems so strange to not have her here with us. 

I suppose that's the hardest part of being a pet owner, is having to say goodbye. She left us with many fond memories and funny stories.