Newtown, CT

On Tuesday, I went on a pilgrimage from New Jersey to Newtown (about 2.5 hours away). I was involved with a group of artists (over 600 of us!) that made Hope flags to be sent to Newtown to pay our respects and to let them know we care. The flags are currently on display at the public library, which was my first stop. I wanted to see them in person as I know many of the artists involved. It was so wonderful to see them strung up in the library for anyone to view and appreciate. I was so happy to see them.

After the library I met up with a fellow facebook friend and local resident, Sally McDonald. We checked out the old municipal building where more things sent to Newtown were located. Then we took a drive over to the new municipal complex where the main bulk of all the donations sent to the town are out for viewing. There are hundreds and hundreds of letters, banners, gifts, origami chains, drawings and more. They are in the hallways on tables and viewers are welcome to look through everything. I took many photographs. After dropping off, I did more driving around the area to take pictures of anything in particular that called to me. Another group decorated wood stars and hung them up on telephone poles all around the area. I enjoyed seeing those.

Then I began my drive back home. While the trip was emotional and tiring, it  also found it uplifting and inspiring.

here's a little video I did of some of my photos from my trip:

While I was there, I also abandoned this piece of art. Abandoning art is another group I belong to where we abandon our art with a note of goodwill and love to the finder. there is also an email on the tag in case the finder wants to let us know it was found: