Love tokens

I've been making these little cotton felt hearts, which I have dubbed, "Love Tokens".  (and i'm going to do a little tutorial at some point).I like to give them out to people I meet in public (strangers) who look like they are having a bad day or maybe they work one of those jobs that none of us want to do (like cleaning a public bathroom). Or I like to give them out if I received excellent customer service (a rarity these days!) 

I recently handed one to a toll booth attendant. She wasn't very friendly and you could tell she was just go through the same motions again and again (probably bored out of her mind, i get that.) When I handed it to her, I explained that I was giving it to her to let her know I appreciate her. She got the biggest smile on her face. It was fun to shock and surprise her. And hopefully it made a difference in her day. 

I'm getting ready to leave for 2 weeks (taking miss sophie with me) doing some teaching and traveling  to Nashville, TN (Art-is-You) and Saluda, NC (Random Arts) and I will hand these out along the way. When I stop at rest stops, I also like to put them in the return dispenser on candy/gumball machines!