I love a good mystery. In fact, I can very obsessed about them, given my over curious personality. I find things like this so interesting and really glad I stumbled upon it (via facebook, of course).

The coffins of Arthur's Seat

In 1836, five boys were hunting rabbits on the north-eastern slopes of Arthur’s Seat, the main peak in the group of hills in the center of Edinburgh. In a small cave in the crags of the hill they stumbled across seventeen miniature coffins carved in pine and decorated with tinned iron. Carefully arranged in a three-tiered stack, each coffin contained a small wooden figure with painted black boots and individually crafted clothing.

how cool is that? I think they are so amazing. makes me want to create my own.

The story was posted on  the blog, The Museum of ridiculously interesting things (great name!) go to the link and read more about them.


In a way they remind of these cool Nuches that I purchased from an antique dealer in New York (well I bought one and he gifted me the smaller one, since as he said, "he enjoyed my enthusiasm") Mine are from Panama. This is  what the dealer told me about them: 

These are healing figures that represents  medicine man, woman or Nele. The spirit of a vivo or an alive figure is summoned  in the healing process, generally for soul retrieval  to restore the balance of health to an afflicted individual.  The process is accompanied by a shaman's healing chant and the burning of cacao beans in a clay sensor underneath the patients hammock.

I placed my 2 nuchus dolls in an assemblage piece I recently completed.

(I carved the totem myself!)