I'll show you mine.......

So my Aussie traveling partner in crime, Seth, (Seth-o!), is doing a blog post party today encouraging bloggers to show off pictures off their "real time" worktables. While the magazines that show off studios are quite beautiful, they seem quite  "pristine" without a hair out of my place. I know others looked at the magazines and wish for such beautiful studios. But while beautiful, it is unrealistic to portray normal, average working studios as that pristine. While I would certainly love  for my studio to be showcased in such a magazine, I'm pretty certain, I would have to do a lot of tidying up and removing a lot of my "beloved clutter"; which doesn't really make it my studio then!

Anyway, hop over to Seth's blog to see the lists of participants and pictures of their "working studios". Here are my pics (but keep in mind that I gave it a good cleaning before leaving for Australia and haven't had whole lot of time since returning to aptly mess it back up!

 this was early this morning


this was later in the evening after working all day on a few projects (please note THE BEER). Not sure I've seen that in a studio mag before!) So this is the table where I paint. I do tend to keep it pretty clean as I like a lot of free space on my table while painting. It's easy to keep pretty tidy by keeping my paints to the side in the wheeled caddy and my paint brushes in containers behind me. 


This is my jewelry workstation. It is always a mess for some reason. Maybe because there are so many small components needed. I'll deal with this later.........


and this is the table where my projects go into que while waiting to be finished. I do a lot of things in stages or run out of time and then they are in "que" til I get back to them or figure out how the heck I want to finish them up. It always looks cluttered. 

Pretty much I keep the floor of my studio quite tidy. For some reason a dirty floor drives me insane, so I do sweep it alot, get papers off the floor, etc.

here's an updated picture as the studio gets messier and messier (note tucker hanging out!)