visiting with Pam Carriker

 My drive from Tennessee was a little gloomy. The weather was rainy and dark. It really affected my mood as I don't enjoy driving in that sort of weather.

Had a lovely visit with Pam. She was the hostess with the mostess! There was fresh flowers in my room,  presents (some of her new products to try, yipee!). She cooked me some delicious meals (chicken tortilla soup, eggs benedict with mimosas for breakfast and then took me out for a yummy dinner at The Texas Roadhouse).

Yesterday she taught me how to do a lino cut using one of my images. It was really fun. I 'd never tried carving before and I am so glad she shared this with me. I love the idea of furthering my art by taking drawings and having another way to use them.




 this is how my cut looked in the end; so fun! Pam will be teaching this class at Create in Irving, CA in May and then a different version of this at Art Unraveled in Phoenix in August.



 then we did a little swap; paintings for jewelry. i love acquiring art this way!


this is Pam's fur baby, Relay. I really had to work hard to earn his love; but in the end, we were good friends!


  Left Pam this morning, making my way to Amarillo. Stopped a few times to grab some fun, unexpected roadside shots:


After arriving in Amarillo, I made dinner plans to go to the world famous "Big Texan Steakhouse", where the shuttle from the restaurant comes to the hotel to pick you up. the shuttle turns out to be an old limo with some good old bull horns on the front of it!


Tomorrow I head to Taos, New Mexico to stay with friends, Leighanna Light and Thomas Ashman.

Art-is-You 2011

Here are my pics (and a few borrowed photos as well....). Please forgive the pictures; between an upgraded firefox (hate it!) my photo enhancing program doesn't seem to be compatible and i just don't have the time to make them  "perfect". so enjoy as is.................

what can i say about this year? each year gets better and better! It's always great to see old friends and meet new ones. My friends and i made the most of it, per our usual, and had many laughs, many drinks and much silliness. There were touching moments, tears were shed and hopefully inspiration was endless.

I gave a speech on bravery, which i will share a copy of in another post. Hopefully i can find someone who took some video of me speaking. 

enjoy the pics!

and for a special treat:

more painting

ever since Pam was here, I've been really practicing my painting techniques that she taught. it's been fun to explore using them in my own way. this was a page in my journal that i had started out by with some spray painting (did that a few weeks ago).

randomly i painted in a face and as i was painting the white in, i felt the stuff around her face looked like hair, so i just incorporated it instead of painting in hair. to me, the orange blob on her blouse looked like a koi , so that is why a random koi fish is swimming across the page!

Irene has come and gone with minimal damage. we were very very lucky as we didn't even lose our power (we are usually the first to go!) I am so grateful for that because Tucker requires suctioning and we just don't want to not have power, ya know? someone was watching over us for sure.

Pam Carriker's class

last weekend, Pam Carriker was here to teach us a class on painting portraits. I can't give away any of her secrets, but she made painting a portrait very easy and enjoyable! we had a great time. She came in for a quit hit as she's just made a big move from Minnesota to Dallas and her young son started school this week. She's still in the middle of unpacking, so I wanted to give a big thank you to her for coming out to teach us in the middle of all that! I hope to see her again in the spring when i drive cross country. I'll be looking for artsy friends to stay with along the way (driving from New Jersey to California!)

lending my touch to The Nest

ive been busy getting ready for Pam Carriker, who is coming to teach a class on Saturday.

she'll be staying in "The Nest" (aka, the camper). we've had the camper for about 4 years now and i've just left it as it came(meaning i didn't pimp it up!). initially it was suppose to be a spot where my husband could go and chill (a man camper). but he wasn't using it, so i decided to start using it as a guest house. it's great for when friends come to visit or if i am hosting an instructor. (Michael deMeng will stay here in October)

in September, a few friends are coming to stay with me, so it got me thinking about putting my artsy touch on the camper. so that's what i have been doing for the last few days. i've brought in some art, some vintage items, added some vintage linens, made a new curtain for the back room (the curtain acts as a door).

i also made a cool banner and today i created this wall hanging to pump up one of the plain walls. ive been having fun.

upcoming workshop - Pam Carriker, May 2011

Come spend the day with Pam Carriker as we explore painting and journaling techniques. A little more on Pam:

Largely self-taught, my work is reflective of the more than 20 years of experience using a variety of mediums and has been published numerous times in Somerset Studios, The Stampers’ Sampler, Art Journaling, Somerset Apprentice, and Cloth Paper Scissors and I serve in the Directors Circle for Stampington & Co. I teach both online and live workshops, and I’m currently writing my first book due out 2011 with Interweave Press, featuring projects and motivation for being creative every day. Pam's book, Art at the speed of Life, can be pre ordered here. Bring your book to class for an autograph!

'Behind the Face'
With Pam Carriker

We will create a mixed media background using a variety of techniques, developing a perfect 8x10 backdrop to add a mixed media portrait to. I will deconstruct the drawing of a face to make it doable by everyone. Behind the face we will explore ourselves, through journaling. Our ‘thoughts’ will then be covered up by the face we create as we work on a self portrait of sorts that anyone can do. I provide full support for all skill levels in this class, offering a variety of ways to add a face within your comfort zone.

date: Saturday May 14, 2011
time: 11:00-5:00
location: Wall, NJ
fee: $85 for the class & $15 for supplies

please email me at with any questions!